Media has influenced how we percieve yoga. Only for flexible people? Not so! The pose to the right looks wonderful, but is not where we start.  If you are stiff and inflexible, suffering pain and stress - then yoga is ideal and of the most benefit to you. I specialise in creating yoga movement that will be almost effortless, stimulating and provide huge mental and physical improvements for you.


Yoga changed my life, my ability to cope with stress and my body! With remedial yoga I have become pain free and flexible.

This inspired me to become a qualified teacher, to share this gift with you.

I complete my 500 hours in Nepal from July to Sept this year (2018). Upon my return I will be able to lead you on a very powerful life changing jouney to health. 

The philosophy of yoga is to take into account our physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves. 

Yoga will improve your balance and strength while providing flexibility and emotional wellbeing.

I offer you a blend of gentle poses right through to a vinyasa flow. Deeply invigorating and relaxing. Creating freedom of movement and fluid mobility. 

I guide you to correct body alignment for safe practice and a clear understanding of the purpose of the pose. By focussing mentally on feeling the movement, we achieve powerful and safe results.

Becoming deeply aware of self through the practice and meditation will bring you to a very calm place where you have greater energy to cope with daily life with more ease.

As I guide you to breath well, you will have more oxygen flow in, and create better elimination of toxins. Most importantly, the breath allows you to move freely and powerfully in the yoga asanas (poses) and improve mental clarity.



Powerful healing yoga package - 75 minutes of deep relaxation yoga and breathing, followed by a half hour therapeutic massage $80

Fine days -  Inside or outside on the grass, overlooking the beautiful bay of plenty. Surrounded by bird song, sunshine and gentle breeze.

Cooler days - Inside my warm yoga room.

Available 8am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Group classes will recommence whent he new studio is completed - date to be advised.

All equipment supplied. Wear easy to move in exercise clothing.

Ongoing one on one classes available at $50 per hour


Donna is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher. International certification Yaga Alliance accredited - Santosha Yoga school (Bali) 200 hours.

300 hours at Mandala Yoga school in Nepal - Diploma in Therapuetic Yoga and meditation. Will be completed by 3rd Sept 2018.



Donna has 14 years experience as a remedial massage therapist, nutritionist and personal trainer. Specific conditions ie scoliosis, kyphosis,  joint replacement, blood pressure, diabetes - are within Donna's scope of practice as a yoga practitioner.



Group classes - 1 hr 15, maximum 8 per class.



It is recommended that you do not eat for at least an hour prior to your yoga practice



International Accreditation, certified intructors.  Oki Do, Zen Yoga Master, Melbourne. Yoga Alliance - Hatha, vinyasa flow.

Santosha Yoga RYS 200 - postural, remedial and deep relaxation.


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