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Day Retreats and Weekend Retreats are available.

You can choose one of our Retreat Packages, or any combination of activities to make your own special Retreat experience.
Options include:

  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Spa
  • Nutrition/cooking
  • Massage Training
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • NLP
  • Breath awareness


Upcoming Winter Retreat package:


Day Retreats
10.30am - 4.30pm.  see dates below

A deeply relaxing day of yoga, mindfulness, massage and easy nutritious cooking. Plus spa pool overlooking the valley views.


Join Donna and Gordon of VillaDonna for a day of self discovery and journey towards real health and well being.

Starting with a delicious juice or nutritious treat to boost your energy.

Then a therapuetic yoga experience - suitable for the novice and stiffest person, to the experienced yogi. Views of rolling hills and trees connect you with nature as you breathe through the yoga session. Feedback has been that it was a very enjoyable experience, leaving one relaxed, refreshed and invigorated.

By moving into our poses gently and with purpose, ( in rhythm with your 

own breath), you remain calm and move with control and power.

Every pose is modified to suit every body - injury and stiffness resolves so beautifully when yoga begins with the breath!

The stiffer you are the more you will gain from this class.

( Donna is a registered yoga teacher).

A cooking demonstration and lunch is served - nourishing the body in preparation for nourishing the mind.....

Impressive versatile meal ideas that suit little people, busy people, families, budget friendly solutions. Loads of resources and recipies. 

You will be inspired by how tasty, filling, nourishing and simple these meals, snacks, lunches and treats are!

Join Gordon for some Mindfulness based skills that will last a life time.

Mindfulness is about awareness. Undersirable patterns, thoughts and outcomes can be a thing of the past once you recieve the insight Gordon and Donna will provide. 

We have become disconnected, distracted, overwhelmed and focus largely on what doesnt really matter!

Deep profound insights. Inspiring activities and discussions. Each day will be different depending on the dynamics, awareness and interest of the group.

Exploring why you think and do, the way you do. Is this working for you? Also discovering what makes you special and unique. We overlook what we take for granted. Empower yourself through becoming enlightened - to ditch what doesnt work for you and embrace your strengths that you may have previously seen as faults. 

Weight loss like you've never thought of it before.

Stress management, a whole new approach.

Lots of inspiring strategies will be provided, enabling you to choose of your future thoughts and actions.

Gordon has a diploma in mindfulness coaching.

A massage is optional - subject to time available.

 Feel free to bring some champagne or wine to share with friends.

Relax and unwind in the garden, enjoy the views. Pat the mini horses.

Soak up the relaxing valley and Mt Maunganui views. Absorb the tranquility that VillaDonna provides!

A great day out, meet new friends, great team building for business.

Max 10 people per day $150 per person (group booking discounts apply)

See dates below -


For your personal retreat experience...

Contact us to create an affordable stay

Hens Night

One day or the whole weekend

Corporate Group

Up to 15 people for a day event

Anniversary Celebrations

Create a special experience for your loved one



Day Retreat dates  2017

Available dates -some weekdays are available, please enquire.


September -  Saturday 16th. Sunday 17th.  Saturday 23rd. Sunday 24th.                         Saturday 30th.

October - Saturday 7th. Sunday 8th. Saturday 21st. Sunday 22nd.                             Saturday 28th. Sunday 29th.

November - Saturday 4th. Sunday 5th. Saturday 18th. Saturday 25th.                       Sunday 26th.

December - Saturday 2nd. Sunday 3rd. Weds 20th. Thurs 21st. Fri                            22nd



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