Personal Training

Positive Balance

I am the motivation and support friend you need to reach success.

Improving your health is my passion.

Starting is the hardest part...go on, do yourself a kindness.

Bring friends and have a group class, or train with me one-on-one.

Smarten up your existing workout - challenge your muscles in new ways.

Using Swiss balls, medicine balls and free weights I will show you how toned and strong you can be!

See real change within a month!

How to Burn Fat Fast

  • Mix it up - varying your workout schedule avoids progress plateaus and maximises results.
  • Choose free weights over machines - weights you hold in your hands use more muscles than weight machines, leading to more fat burning and strengthening benefits.

Struggling with technique, boring routines, low results, post workout injuries?


I specialise in making exercise fun. Yet with my in depth knowledge of how the body works, I am able to help you reach your goals, improve muscle tone and strength without the misery.

Technique and variety is everything - let me show you how good you can feel.

 I support you to train smart, eat well and live a brighter life.

Take me to the supermarket! I will show you how to read food labels and make the best food choices. My focus is on your budget and eating preferences - there are good and bad choices within every food choice on the shelf - kilos are lost, and energy is gained... by knowing which ones are best for you.

Do You...?

  • Suffer joint stiffness
  • Have a sore lower back often
  • Aching hips/neck
  • Poor circulation, and lacking energy
  • Suffer leg cramps/restless legs
  • Feel uncomfortable in your body
  • Feel old and rundown


Are you...?

  • Tired of being left to do workouts on your own?
  • Bored with the programme you have?
  • Not getting the results?
  • Untoned?
  • Unmotivated?
  • Able to read food labels and make good choices? 



Time to make a change!  

Contact me for a free consultation
to discuss your needs

Nutrition advice, recipes and support are part of my service.  


My qualifications and history-

I am a fully certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach - (nutritional and lifestyle advice), and Fitness Instructor - 2004. Plus National Academy of Sports Medicine training. I specialize in correcting the body in situations were a standard gym programme will not meet your needs. Arthritis, muscle weakness, spine problems, posture problems etc. 

I currently support clients on a weekly basis to meet their fitness and nutrition goals - here at Villadonna retreat! (testimonials available). With 12 years of experience of gym management, creating specific remedial programmes for chiropractic clients, working with corporate groups and running retreat classes - I have a lot of experience to offer.


Massage / personal training combos available - tailored to your needs - call me to discuss.



Cancellation policy - Any appointment cancelled within 24hours will be charged for.

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