Life Coaching or Mindfulness

Donna is a fully accredited Life Coach

(New Zealand Life Coaching Association).

A better life can be yours. You deserve the life you dream of! Let me help you see that you are worthy and it is possible.


Using the same thoughts and beliefs that got you to your current reality,
cannot help you create a new reality. Do you agree?

When you discuss things with someone who just 'gets it' and helps you see clearly. Supports your ideas and offers helpful insights, it makes the road less rocky, a shared journey.

I may be the right person to be that guiding light for you.


Life coaching -  Eye opening, self revealing, offering deep awareness.

Ask yourself...what am I waiting for?



If you would like to see if I can help unravel your tangled ball of string  - contact me for a free discussion.

Everything discussed is in the strictest of confidentiality. Pricing will be determined, based on your needs.


Gordon is a qualifiied Mindfulness Coach.  No matter what your need = Gordon Can help you. Self inquiry can be challenging. Gordon makes this process great fun and very insightful. 
Mindfulness for every day life. Connection, communication, emotions, resting, eating. 

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