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We believe everyone is entitled to health and happiness. This creates a deep sense of wellbeing.

Wellbeing requires several areas of life to be in balance.

Stress management for example -can be addressed via physical activity, nourishing food, massage, breathing techniques, visualisation, goal setting, releasing of old beliefs that no longer serve you. Even just taking time out, away from the obligations of life for a while. One or all of these techniques may be what you seek.

"We are here to empower you with awareness, knowledge or skills to step forward into your own power and feel in control of your life."

After six years running their own clinic in Auckland and working with Alan Wade and his chiropractic team in Mairangi Bay, Donna and Gordon moved to the Bay in 2008. Now an established healing retreat offering therapeutic massage, exercise and relaxation; nutrition guidance, courses, and coaching await you.


Gordon (left in photo) has many years of experience in massage therapy. With a great wit and very intuitive approach - Gordy is able to exceed your expectations with his ability, knowledge and insight.

If you love a straight shooter, who is refreshingly upbeat, wise and honest, with very caring ethics - then Gordy is for you!

With the ability to heal via firm massage, nurturing massage, energy work and the power of laughter, Gordy offers a very powerful and unique pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

A qualified remedial massage therapist, reconnective healer, qi gong instructor and teacher.



Donna is very inspiring with her drive to help you become the best that you can be.

Passion for health and well being grew from Donnas observation of others battling with illness, pain and general 'out of balance' behaviour. Realising that very few were offering practical, affordable and holistic solutions started the journey to create VillaDonna.

Seeing the power of nourishing foods ability to heal, lead Donna to improve her own health, and that of her daughters.

Seeing others struggle with lack of time, uncertainty around food choices, confusion in general in people striving for balance and happiness in life, never quite reaching it.

Combining massage, personal training, nutrition and life coaching is how Donna brings out the best in you.

"I am a facilitator - empowering you on your journey to a happy life"

Qualifications -

  • Teacher (BEd) 2000
  • Massage therapist (NZ College of Massage) 2003
  • Personal trainer, Wellness coach, Nutritional advisor (Network Fitness) 2005
  • Abundance coach and Life coach (NZ Life Coaching Association, accredited provider) 2015


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